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When you think about your future home, you don't think about the generic, prefabricated houses peppered throughout the community. You visualize the home of your dreams. You see a property brimming with custom features that suit your tastes perfectly. The custom home builders at Caliber Developments Ltd. want to be the professionals who give you that home.

Offering the region's most comprehensive custom home-building services, we're here to build you the picture-perfect household you desire. We promise nothing less than the most involved, detail-oriented, and value-driven new home construction service.

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Building Custom Homes in Our Community

A custom-built home offers numerous benefits, including the ability to create a space that suits your unique lifestyle and the freedom to choose materials and finishes that speak to you. It also allows for greater control over the budget and timeline of your construction project.

With benefits like these, it's easy to see why so many people dream of building a custom home. The people in our community know that we're the professionals to call when they finally decide to do so. Working with us ensures that you'll capture all the promised benefits of a custom home and are well protected with a new home warranty that we'll honor.

Caliber Developments Ltd. 3D Rendering

Look to us when you want a structurally sound and sustainably built home that offers:

  • Energy-efficient features
  • Quality building materials
  • Personalized finishing details
  • Home additions and sunrooms
  • ...and more!

Do you want a home that can accommodate the addition of future family members or visitors? Perhaps you're looking to create a home with an open floor plan or something that resembles the beloved homes of the midcentury. Whatever design features you've fallen in love with, we're equipped to construct them with customized new home-building services that align with your project goals.

High-End and Everyday Homes

We're known for building as many as six custom homes each year. Our prolific output has garnered us a reputation for being the high-end home builders of choice. We know where to source the best materials to avoid delays, and we know how to turn intricate blueprints into beautiful homes. That said, we also offer our services to those who want to take a more economical route to the home-building process.

Do you want to steer clear of extravagances without forgoing necessities? Do you want a home that stands tall for years while still agreeing with your budget? We're the contractors to work with. We build high-end and everyday homes with the utmost seriousness and care. You'll get superior results no matter which route you choose.

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At Caliber Developments Ltd., every custom home building project begins with an in-depth consultation. Schedule an appointment by calling us at (250) 306-1251. We can't wait to start working with you.

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