Multiple Contractor Preparation in Vernon, Lake Country and Kelowna

When a building is being designed, there are multiple contracts that must be drawn up. From the contract signed between the architect and the client, to the one between the client and the construction company, these documents are essential in maintaining a consistent vision for the project.

Contracts dictate a number of things related to a construction project, so in order to guarantee each one contains the same important information it is a wise choice to rely on a single company throughout. As seasoned architects in Kelowna, Caliber Developments Ltd. is well situated to handle multiple contract preparation.

The Importance of Legally Binding Documents

Contracts are legally binding documents that clearly lay out the terms and conditions of a project. They include everything from the anticipated date of completion to the roles of each individual involved, and because of this they must be carefully and accurately prepared.

We strongly advise against preparing these contracts yourself. Because of their legal nature, contracts should be put together by an experienced company with input from an attorney.

Though we are in charge of creating the contracts, they are still assembled based off conversations that you are involved in—after all, these documents outline how your dream building will come together, a process you are an essential part of.

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Contracts Protect Parties from Misrepresentation

Building design and construction is a process that requires many contracts, which makes consistency all the more important. By handling the preparation of multiple contracts, we are able to ensure that there is consistent wording and terms across the board, protecting all involved parties from misinterpretation or error during construction.

Caliber Developments Ltd. has years of experience in the field of architecture, and over that period of time we have prepared countless contracts for our Kelowna clients, all with the same attention to detail and eye for inconsistencies.

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Legal Documents Serve As A Guide

Like any legal document, a contract should be thoroughly examined before it is finalized. The contents of the contract dictate how the rest of the construction project will go, so we take care to involve our clients every step of the way.

These contracts represent all of the time you spend imagining how your future home, office or commercial space would look. As an architecture firm dedicated to our clients above all else, we understand how important these written documents are.

Alongside the schematics and plans for the building, contracts serve as a guide on how to bring your building to life. As a result, we prepare them with a careful hand, always ensuring your best interests are represented.

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With us taking care of the preparation of multiple contracts, you can rest assured that each one will remain faithful to the project's scope and to your vision.

If you're in need of contracts for your upcoming Kelowna construction project, give us a call today to learn more about how our experience makes us the perfect fit for the job.